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Time Is Sacred

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“Maximize your time, because you cannot get more.” – Judge Graham

Time is sacred, if do not maximize your time then you are wasting it and will never get it back.  Time is the one thing in life you cannot make more of, buy more of or be given more of. Therefore, you should be treating it as sacred.

If you are not happy in your relationship, then you should fix it or get out of it.

If you hate your job, then you should get a new one.

If you’re not spending enough time with your family, then create a lifestyle and living that allows for it.

If you don’t like the way your body looks, then you should start working out and change it.

If you are not chasing your dream, then start and start NOW!

The saying “Time is money” is right and actually has much bigger implications than just money.  How you use the time you have affects your finances, health, mental fitness, relationships, happiness, spirituality and much more.  It affects everything.

Life is too short to spend with people in your life that you don’t care about and who are consistently negative.  These people are pulling you down and stealing your time. You can never get time back. We all start each day equal as it relates to time. (I.E. we all are given 24 hours a day).  The choices you make with your time will determine the life you have. I am not suggesting that you stay up doing activities 24 hours a day, but I do passionately believe you should know what you want out of your life and focus at least 14-16 hours of your day towards creating the life you want.  I am not about hours spent but I am about maximizing efforts and delivering outcomes.

What I mean by this is if you can achieve your personal financial freedom by only spending 4 hours a day then great that gives you another 10-12 to fulfill your other priorities. (I.E. health, relationship, spirituality, family, etc.)

Below I have outlined 3 steps you should implement to maximize your time:

  1. Create a vision board – A vision board is a visual representation of what you want in your life.  Your vision board could have a target amount of money on it that you want to make that year, it could have a specific car or home you want, it could have a picture of your family that you want to spend more time with, it could have a person with chiseled abs.  These are just examples, but you need to make them yours. These visuals become daily reminders on how and where you should focus your time.
  2. Keep your time sacred – Don’t commit or do any activities that don’t get you closer to achieving your goals and happiness.  Limit meetings unless they are critical and will help you towards achieving your success. Limit in-person meetings, by encouraging video calls.  This reduces hours and sometimes potential days of time. Stop all “Do you have a minute meeting.” These are time suckers, tell everyone that asks for these meetings NO. Map out your key priorities and do not let anything take your time away from completing those priorities.
  3. Evangelize that you believe time is sacred – Everyone around you should be aware of how you value time.  By doing this, a couple of things will happen. People will stop asking you for things that are not aligned with your priorities and they may also learn from you and start to value their own time.  Both are wins!

Start viewing your time as sacred today, as you will not get more.  I appreciate you taking the time to read this and get better, so now go take action and create the life you deserve.


Judge Graham