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The R.I.C.H. Formula

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“Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.” – Sholom Aleichem

People who say that money does not buy happiness are right sometimes, but I can promise you that financial freedom makes life a lot easier and therefore usually makes you happier.  Not having to worry about bills, your kid’s college, car payments, etc. feels good.

By removing these stresses, it allows you to focus on the areas that do make you happy like your family, spirituality, traveling, health, etc.  I have studied the super successful, I have read over 100 books on success and surrounded myself with success. You see, I think you do become a product of your environment.  I’m willing to bet that you have similar finances, similar weight, and have the same type of marriage as your 5 closest friends. Are your 5 closest friends where you want to be?  If not, you need to start mimicking the super successful or you will stay exactly where you are.

If you want financial freedom you have to immerse yourself in success.  Read about the successful, watch videos, pay for training, get a mentor.  The super successful have a certain mindset, behaviors and habits that have gotten them to where they are today.  I am going to share with you this mindset and set of behaviors to put yourself on a path towards financial freedom.

The R.I.C.H. Formula

The “R” stands for Real Commitment
The super successful are all in on whatever they are doing.  Burn the ships type of all in. When you burn the ships, you are stuck on the island and you only have two options. Figure it out or die. This is the type of commitment you need.  Never use excuses, only use dedication and relentless focus.

The “I” stands for Invest in yourself and your business
The super successful invest in their personal and business growth.  They read and study the super-rich, they spend lots of money on training, they have mentors, they invest in good people, they invest in marketing.  They use their money to invest in themselves to make more money.

The “C” stands for Charge forward
The super successful stay positive even while everything around them might be in chaos.  They know that looking back and dwelling on mistakes does nothing but prohibit forward movement.  They put their heads down, adjust, dig deep and charge forward towards creating success.

The “H” stands for Huge action
The super successful make quick decisions and once they decide they take MASSIVE action.  Whatever you think something may take you to accomplish the super-rich, know that you will have to put in 10X that effort for it to be a reality.  Prioritize, focus and execute at massive levels.

Start today living the R.I.C.H. formula in your personal and professional life and watch your mindset start to change as well as your financial situation.  Make It Happen!

Judge Graham