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How To Become Confident

By May 18, 2018 November 20th, 2018 No Comments

“Without confidence you will never reach your full potential.” — Judge Graham

Look, having confidence can be tough. Having confidence means you have or are going to experience rejection. If you want to be confident then you have to embrace rejection and not be scared or care about what others think. As adults, we tend to hesitate and not put ourselves out there because we fear rejection.

That fear of rejection is holding you back from being successful and happy. In some regards I envy children 2-5 years in age because they have more confidence than 90% of adults. Think about it, when a child wants something they ask for it and continue until they are successful. They are relentless.

When children want to try something new they just jump in and are not concerned about what others think or if they fail. They will get on a stage with 100 people watching them and dance and sing. They have confidence. The older we get we let our peers start to influence and deplete our confidence, based on their comments and critiques.

People judge and make you feel this way because of their own insecurities. Look, in life and business if you don’t go for what you want you will never get it. This could be the love of your life, starting a business or closing a HUGE deal. If you let rejection WIN you will never WIN.

If you study success you will find that the highly successful are confident. Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey are all confident and successful individuals. These people ignored rejection and pushed thru when people thought they were crazy. Their steadfast confidence pushed them to success.
Take some time to think about all of the successful people you know. A common theme amongst them will be that they are all confident and not scared of rejection. You can be this way as well, it just takes a little courage and consistent practice.

Here are 7 steps to start building up your confidence:

  1. Dress to Impress – If you look good you feel good and that will translate to confidence. People tend to take people more seriously when they are well put together.
  2. Think Positive – If you consistently think good things will happen and stay optimistic when things are not, then you will naturally start to build up internal courage and focus on the opportunity and not the potential rejection.
  3. Be Nice – Treat people the way you want to be treated and more than likely you will get positive vibes and feedback from people versus negativity.
  4. Be Prepared – You know the statement, “if you don’t plan, then plan to fail” this is so true. The more you are prepared the higher your confidence will be.
  5. Smile – Smiling is proven to make you happier and others around you happy. People like being happy, so smile. ☺
  6. Be Grateful – Look, if you are reading this blog, that means you woke up this morning! You have a lot to be grateful about. Once you realize what you have, then you will knock that chip off your shoulder that is holding you back and you will build confidence.
  7. Be a Constant Learner – Become an expert and a leader at what you do by immersing yourself in what you do. Learn everything you can. The more you know the more confident you will be.

Now go implement these seven steps and start being confident today, so you can live the life you want.


Judge Graham