Judge is the leader in helping companies find their niche. He knows how to quickly package, position, and price unique offerings that the market place wants.

Tom ColeFormer President, Ansira

I worked closely with Judge on two large transactions. The first was when I invested in his business and the second was when we worked together to exit our investment a few years later. On both occasions, Judge was instrumental in vision, strategy, and competitive positioning, all of which was critical in achieving outstanding financial outcomes.

Colton KingManaging Director, Mountain Gate Capital

Judge’s ability to clearly identify our company’s niche and then help us build an actionable roadmap to execute has led to transformational growth for our company.

Don BarryFormer CEO, OttLite

Having worked with Judge on several deals I can tell you that he has a very unique and enviable set of capabilities when it comes to packaging, positioning and prepping a company for a sale.

Sanjay ChaddaPartner & Managing Director, Petsky Prunier

Judge presents a framework for thinking about business that is unlike anything we’ve come across before. He offers a unique perspective on focused attention that is geared toward helping any business sprint from A – Goal in the most efficient way possible. Judge’s business psychology has totally transformed the way we think about planning, strategy and execution.

Michael GrahamPresident, D&L Construction

Judge Graham has a unique blend of skills that is tailor made for any entrepreneur, founder and business leader who is focused on taking the next step in their business journey. Whether it’s organic scale, critical decision making, preparing for a life changing exit, or simply troubleshooting the problems that keep every growth-minded business leader up at night, Judge will bring the perspectives, experience and substance you need to take your game to the next level.

Matt RizzettaFounder & CEO, n6a

Judge gave me the right framework to align my priorities with the results I was wanting to achieve. With his hands-on coaching and mentoring he helped me re-invent my business, re-shift my brand positioning and re-align my culture.

Brad ParnellFounder & CEO, Steadfast Results

Judge Graham is that rare mixture of creativity, financial acumen, great personality and hard work. I tell Judge that he is one in a million and he truly is. I have brought Judge into two different companies and highly recommend him and hope he and I continue to work together more!

Don BarryCEO, Edelbrock

Judge is a digital ninja and culture guru. His strategic ideas and frameworks are setting our company up to leapfrog our competitors.

Bruce WeberCEO, Integrated Supply Network

Judge has helped us figure out a way to diversify our current product offering, differentiate from our competitors and find higher value customers.

Larissa SmithOwner, Cotton Paperie

Judge’s approach and frameworks were instrumental in helping us grow our brand.

Tracey KuzinitzFormer Co-Owner, Wholly Guacamole

Judge is helping us become more niche, create a growth culture and hold us all accountable to results. He also identified a strong acquisition target and helped us thru successfully acquiring the company.

Jim BrightFounding Partner, GTN Staffing

Judge helped us identify new ways to gain incremental customers and service them better, which has catapulted our business.

Jeff LackCMO, Jiffy Lube

I have personally used Judge's scaling strategies to help my company, Commercial Fleet Financing, Inc. grow to over $100 million. I recommend Judge to any business owner of any size.

Matt ManeroFounder & CEO, Commercial Fleet Financing

Judge is one of the few to give real how-to guidance and not just big ideas. His decision-making speed formula and revenue-driving model are game changers.

Bill WooditchFounder & CEO, The Wooditch Company

Judge is an all-around BAD ASS and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to marketing, sales and culture. He is a must to bring in if you are wanting to scale and sell your company.

Ben LammFounder & CEO Hypergiant Industries

Judge has helped me understand the power of choosing a niche and how to align our team to be in growth mode. He has taught me macro-level principles on scaling a business and I can’t thank him enough for his guidance!

Blake DavisCEO, Long Drive Agency

Judge has a gift of understanding a company's potential value and knows how to package, position and motivate people to take massive action to WIN.

Hank NormanCo-Owner, 2MarketMedia

Judge is the REAL deal. He was able to quickly help me identify my niche and create a one-page plan to start dominating my business.

Tim HissamCEO & Owner, ProSource Industries

Engaging Judge was one of the best business decisions I ever made. Within hours of meeting Judge, I knew the next move to make. Not only did he position our company to dominate, he provided more value in 3 days than the equivalent of 3 Harvard MBA’s working for several months. The results have been tremendous. Judge is a ROCKSTAR and will make an enormous impact in any organization in which he’s involved.

Adam SmithOwner, Verity Jet

Judge is the master at identifying how to increase enterprise value. Judge is a must if you want to scale your business.

Mark WilgusFounder & CEO, Provider Science

Judge is a marketing guru. Judge has a knack at being able to quickly package and position a company as the market leader. He understands how to present content to prospects and customers that builds trust and authority.

Gopal KrishnamurthyCEO, Visual BI

Judge is a rock star and growth culture expert. He understands what motivates people and how to get them to take action, stay engaged and over deliver for customers. If you are looking to scale your organization to the next level, then hire Judge.

Simon MartinManaging Director, White Rock Advisors

Judge is the best I have seen at building growth organizations, thru company alignment, strong cultures, and customer centricity. If you need a true change agent that is intensely focused on growing your company, hire Judge.

David RichardsonPresident, Spire

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