The Money Sheet is not a journal, a to-do list or a notebook. It is your daily accountability attack & conquer planner that forces you to laser focus on the 6-8 activities that you need to complete that day to get closer to hitting or exceeding your monthly goal.

How To Exceed Your Revenue Goals

The Money Sheet is a game changer if you will fill it out and complete it every day. The results happen in the work and The Money Sheet allows you to prioritize the work that needs to be completed that day.

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How To Fill Out The Money Sheet

Goal Section

Monthly Goal

Your monthly goal is what you are trying to accomplish that month. This is usually a revenue goal but does not have to be. It could be completing a project, or any other major initiative that you need to complete that month.

Where are you at against your monthly goal?

This section is where you are currently pacing against your goal that day. So, say your monthly goal is to generate $100,000 in revenue and you are 20 days into the month and have only generated 40K, then you know you need to step up your activity to hit your monthly goal.

6-8 Top Priorities Section

This section is where you list the 6-8 priorities that need to get done that day that will ensure that you get closer to hitting your monthly goal. These activities are typically the things people like to put off or do not do. (i.e. making sales calls, presenting proposals, face to face sales meetings, etc.)

It is critical that you complete the 6-8 priorities that day, so when you fill out the next day’s Money Sheet you have made noticeable progress.

Notes & Thoughts Section

This section is where you capture any notes or thoughts that come up during the day that help you with your top 6-8 priorities and or plan for the next day.

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