Scale With Speed

Scale with Speed has been endorsed by Sharon Lechter, the author of Think and Grow Rich for Women and co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, along with several other industry leaders.

This book lays out the success blueprint for every entrepreneur, business owner or CEO who is struggling to grow, increase enterprise value, and prepare to be in a position to sell their company for a major financial transaction. If you are tired of playing small and struggling to take your business to the next level, then you need this book. Scale with Speed will help you achieve not just growth, but transformational growth that advances you from fairly successful to a true market leader.

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Mastering Recurring Revenue

This book will open your eyes up to the value and importance of creating a business model that has recurring revenue. Learn the three types of recurring revenue models and how you can identify a niche in your current business or new business to create one or multiple new forms of recurring revenue that will give you predictability, stability and increase your businesses enterprise value.

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Attack & Conquer

This book is a how to guide on scaling a massive profitable business that you can operate from one-sheet. Learn how to make your company niche, increase enterprise value, dominate your competition, set and exceed your goals and have your entire organization from the CEO to the intern aligned and in-rhythm against the top revenue generating priorities.

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